Chartered Accountant Study in Bangladesh 

Chartered Accountant in Bangladesh 

CA is an expert degree in money related bookkeeping. Here you need to comprehend the distinction amongst academic and professional degree. The individuals who finish CA gets ACA degree at first and with time and following prerequisite, they progress toward becoming FCA. In Bangladesh, ACA degree is offered by Institution of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB). There are two sections of CA think about which must be done all the while. Initial segment is hypothetical part and the second part is down to practical part.

  • The Institute of Chartered Accountant in Bangladesh (ICAB)
  • ACNABIN Chartered Accountants
  • EY Bangladesh (A. Qasem & Co.)
  • ACCA Bangladesh
  • CA Bhaban
  • Hoda Vasi Chowdhury & Co Chartered Accountants
  • Rahman Rahman Huq Chartered Accountant
  • LCBS Dhaka

About CA
A student has start with practical part. For that, he/she has to join in a CA firm and get registered with ICAB. Registration can be availed after probation period of the firm he/she has joined. Articleship starts from the date of registrationAt the time of registration, a student have to enter in a tri-party contract. Three parties are student his/herself, the firm and ICAB.
Study and Exams

  1. A student can enroll in exams of theoretical part after completing 10 months of articleship period.
  2. Exams are held two time in a year during June and December.
  3. A student can sit for exams sessions after completing 10 months of  articleship. There are total 3 level in theoretical part.
  4. Knowledge level, Application level and advance level.
  5. Knowledge and Application level consist of 7 subject each where advance level has only  4 subjects.
  6. A student commences knowledge level and after passing all 7 subjects of knowledge level they move to application level.
  7. It is to be noted that student can’t attend exams from two level in one session.
  8. At present student have 10 attempts to complete both knowledge level and  application level. For advance level students will get 6 attempts.

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