CITY UNIVERSITY ADMISSION CIRCULAR 2018 ( সিটি ইউনিভার্সিটি অ্যাডমিশন সার্কুলার)

Admission Going On Fall 2018

City University (CU) is one of the top ranking Private Universities in Bangladesh having own Permanent Campus at Khagan, Savar, Dhaka and City Campus at Panthapath, Dhaka. A country develops its population through quality education to be productive human resources which becomes the drive engine of socio-economic transformation. CU is working towards “Creating of Culture of Excellence” in higher education at a very low/affordable cost since its inception in the year 2002.CU is committed to the idea of equal opportunity, transparency, and non-discrimination. The primary objective of CU is to provide quality education at affordable costs and maintain high quality in both instruction and research.

Department & Credit

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering4 Years BSc in CSE131
Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering4 Years BSc in EEE154
Bachelor of Science in Textile Engineering4 Years BSc in Textile Eng(Day)154
Bachelor of Science in Textile Engineering3 Years BSc in Textile Eng(Evening)141

Faculty of Business

Bachelor of Business Administration4 Years BBA124
Master of Business Administration2 Years MBA60
Master of Business Administration (For Executive)1 Years 8 Months EMBA48

Faculty of Arts and Social Science

BSS(Hons.) in Social Welfare Policy and Social Work Practice4 Years BSS
Bachelor of Law (Hons)4 Years LL.B(Hons)130
Bachelor of Law (Pass)2 Years LL.B(Pass)60
Bachelor of Arts in English (Hons.)4 Years BA in English(Hons.)120
Master of Arts in English1 Year+ MA in English39

Under Graduate Tution Fee

Name of ProgramDurationsCredit HourTution Fee
Per credit
Total Tution FeesAdmission Fee
Semester FeesAdmissionn Form
& ID Card
Total Tution Cost (BDT)Foreign Students (USD)
BSTE (Day)4 years15419002,92,60010,00024,0005003,27,1004361$
BSTE (Evening)3 years+12619002,39,40010,00018,0005002,67,9003572$
L.L.B (Hon’s)4 years13013501,75,50010,00012,0005001,98,0002640$
BBA4 years12421002,60,40010,00012,0005002,82,9003772$
CSE (Day)4 years15712001,88,40010,00012,0005002,10,9002812$
CSE (Evening)3 years+12712001,52,40010,0009,0005001,71,9002292$
EEE (Hon’s)4 years15416002,46,40010,00012,0005002,68,9003586$
EEE (Evening)3 years+12416001,98,40010,0009,0005002,17,9002905$
BA in English (Hons)4 years12010001,20,00010,00012,0005001,42,5001900$
CiVil Eng. (Day)4 Years16420003,28,00010,00036,0005003,74,5004994$
Civil Eng. (Evening)3 Years+13420002,68,00010,00027,0005003,05,5003358$
Pharmacy4 Years17020003,40,00010,00048,0005003,98,8005318$
Mechanical Engg. (Day)4 Years16820003,36,00010,00036,0005003,82,5004780$
Mechanical Engg. (Evening)3 Years13820002,76,00010,00027,0005003,13,5001920$

Graduate Tution Fee

Name of ProgramDurationsCredit HourTution Fee per creditTotal Tution FeesAdmission Feen(Non-refundable)ntSemester FeesAdmission Form & ID CardTotal Tution Cost (BDT)Foreign Students (USD)
MBA2 years601,50090,00012,00018,0005001,20,5001607$
EMBA1 Yearn8 Month481,50072,00012,00015,00050099,5001327$
MA in English1 years+3990035,10010,0006,00050051,600688$
LLM1 Year341,40047,60050006,00050059,100788$
MPH2 Years5120001,02,00010,00012,0005001,24,5001660$

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