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East West University (EWU) is growing steadily upholding the sprits of its oath “Excellence in Education” in order to contribute to the development of the business and technological sectors of Bangladesh. Our programs are updated continuously by an independent academic council consisting of scholars from renowned academic institutions of the country and are based on curricula North American Universities. Our graduates are much sought after and employed by the corporate sectors of the country.

EWU has already beer recognized as one of the top five Universities of Bangladesh in terms of providing quality education and preparation of graduates equipped to meet the challenges of globalisation of busin

ess in 21st Century. Our aim is not only to be the best university in the country but also to be the best in the South Asian region by providing quality education. In 2007, East West University was ranked by Webometrics of Spain as the number one private university and number three among the combined list of public and private universities of Bangladesh. The ranking was based on empirical research, international visibility, volume of the scholarly documents created and published, size and impact of the web presence, etc.


Undergraduate programs at EWU with approximate total cost:

Name of FacultiesName of ProgramsCreditsTotal Cost
Business and EconomicsBBA with major in Accounting, Finance, HRM, Marketing, Management, MIS & ITB123Tk. 6,14,820/-
BSS in Economics123Tk. 5,05,620/-
Liberal Arts and Social SciencesBA in English123Tk. 4,97,220/-
BSS in Sociology123Tk. 4,88,820/-
BSS in Information Studies and Library Management (ISLM)123Tk.4,33,620/-
Bachelor of Laws (LL.B)135Tk. 4,65,420/-
Science and EngineeringBachelor of Science in Applied Statistics127TK. 5,11,220/-
B.Sc. in Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering (ETE)140Tk.7,28,720/-
B. Sc. in Information & Communications Engineering (ICE)140Tk.7,28,720/-
B. Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)140Tk.7,28,720/-
B. Sc. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE)140Tk.7,28,720/-
B.Sc. in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology (GEB)134TK. 6,94,420/-
Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm.)158Tk. 8,16,920/-
B.Sc. in Civil Engineering156.5Tk. 8,09,570/-

  requires Mathematics & Physics in HSC or A Level
** Students should have Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics at HSC or equivalent and Biology at SSC and/or HSC Level for admission into B.Pharm. Program

Admission Fee: Tk. 15,000/- (non-refundable).


Tuition Fee: Per Credit

Undergraduate Programs:

Name of FacultiesName of ProgramsApproved Tuition’s Fees per Credit with effect from Fall Semester 2015
Business and EconomicsBBA4,900/=
BSS in Economics3,500/=
Liberal Arts and Social SciencesBA in English3,500/=
BSS in Sociology3,500/=
BSS in Information Studies and Library Management (ISLM)3,000/=
LL.B (Hon’s)3,000/= (for Fall 2015 to Summer 2018)
Science and EngineeringBS. in Applied Statistics3,500/=
B. Sc. in ETE4,900/=
B. Sc. in ICE4,900/=
B. Sc. in CSE4,900/=
B. Sc. in EEE4,900/=
B. Pharm.4,900/= (Effective from Spring 2016)
B. Sc. in GEB4,900/=
B.Sc. in Civil Engineering4,900/=

Tuition Fee: Details

Undergraduate Programs:

Name of FacultiesName of ProgramsCreditsTuition FeesLab & Activities FeesAdmission FeeGrand Total
Business and EconomicsBBA1235,81,700/=18,120/=15,000/=6,14,820/=
BSS in Economics1234,72,500/=18,120/=15,000/=5,05,620/=
Liberal Arts and Social SciencesBA in English1234,64,100/=18,120/=15,000/=4,97,220/=
BSS in Sociology1234,55,700/=18,120/=15,000/=4,88,820/=
BSS in Information Studies and Library Management (ISLM)1234,00,500/=18,120/=15,000/=4,33,620/=
LL.B (Hon’s)1354,32,300/=18,120/=15,000/=4,65,420/=
Science and EngineeringBS in Applied Statistics1274,78,100/=18,120/=15,000/=5,11,220/=
B. Sc. in ETE1406,77,600/=36,120/=15,000/=7,28,720/=
B. Sc. in ICE1406,77,600/=36,120/=15,000/=7,28,720/=
B. Sc. in CSE1406,77,600/=36,120/=15,000/=7,28,720/=
B. Sc. in EEE1406,77,600/=36,120/=15,000/=7,28,720/=
B. Pharm.1587,65,800/=36,120/=15,000/=8,16,920/=
B. Sc. in GEB1336,43,300/=36,120/=15,000/=6,94,420/=
B.Sc. in Civil Engineering156.57,58,450/=37,920/=15,000/=8,11,370/=

Lab Fee: Tk. 2500/- per semester for CSE, CSC, ICE, ETE  & EEE programs, and Tk. 1,000/- per semester for all other programs.

Lab fee for B.Sc. in Civil Engineering:  Tk. 2,650/- per semester

Lab fee for Bachelor of Pharmacy:  Tk. 3,750/- per semester

Student Activity Fee: student activities fee is Tk. 765/- per semester for B.Pharm  and all other departments Tk. 510/- per semester.

Document Verification Fee
Students will pay the document verification fee (if applicable) for the verification of their previous academic documents.

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