University of Science & Technology Chittagong (USTC) (Bengali: বিজ্ঞান ও প্রযুক্তি বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়, চট্টগ্রাম) is a first private university in Bangladesh. The university was established with the sponsorship of a private charity on May 13, 1989. Previously it was started as Institute of Applied Health Sciences (IAHS), later it was upgraded to USTC as a full phased university after the promulgation of the Private University Act, 1992. In January 2018 IAHS renamed as Dr Nurul Islam Memorial Institute of Applied Health Science.

USTC Vision

UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CHITTAGONG (USTC) envisions promoting professionals and excellent leadership catering to the technological progress and development needs of the country.

USTC Mission

UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CHITTAGONG (USTC) is committed to provide quality and excellent computer-based academic programs responsive to the emerging challenges of the time. It is dedicated to nurture and produce competent world class professional imbued with strong sense of ethical values ready to face the competitive world of arts, business, science, social science and technology.

USTC Quality Policy

“Quality shall be adhered to in conformity with the prescribed national and international standards of quality and excellence including those provided by the professional bodies and organizations. The University of Science and Technology Chittagong is committed to translate into actions the programs, projects and activities related to the sustainable delivery of quality management operation system. The students being the valued customers are the central focus of the university shall be provided with utmost care and attention to meet their primordial needs and future career success. In view of this commitment, the university shall exert best efforts to harmonize its action through collaboration, cooperation and consultation with every unit and components of the university.”

USTC Goals

  1. Sustain development and progress of the university.
  2. Continue to upgrade educational services and facilities responsive of the demands for change and needs of the society.
  3. Inculcate professional culture among management, faculty and personnel in the attainment of the institution’s vision, mission and goals.
  4. Enhance research consciousness in discovering new dimensions for curriculum development and enrichment.
  5. Implement meaningful and relevant community outreach programs reflective of the available resources and expertise of the university.
  6. Establish strong networking of programs, sharing of resources and expertise with local and international educational institutions and organizations.
  7. Accelerate the participation of alumni, students and professionals in the implementation of educational programs and development of projects designed to expand and improve global academic standards


The university has a hostel:Gulmeher Hall for female students. It can accommodate both foreign and non-local female students.
There is one hostel available for male students – Syedur Rahman International Hall for foreign students which is located within the campus grounds.


One of the unique feature of USTC is about its auditorium.There is a gallery available for 1000 audience members. The auditorium is ideally suited for conference and seminar.

Extra curricular activities

The university has an arrangement of extra curricular activities for its students. Such as sports and games, debates, seminars and cultural activities. All extra curricular activities are held by Student Welfare Council of USTC.

Academic Faculties of USTC

  1. Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology (FSET)
  2. Faculty of Medicine
  3. Faculty of Basic Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  4. Faculty of Business Administration
  5. Faculty of Social Science and Humanities
  6. Faculty of English
  7. Faculty of Biochemistry & Biotechnology

University of Science & Technology Chittagong (USTC) Admission Requirements

Bachelor of Pharmacy

1. Candidate must have a minimum aggregate GPA 6.50 in SSC/ “O” level or equivalent and HSC/ “A” level or equivalent examinations (in a total scale of 10)

2. Candidate must pass SSC/”O” level or recognized equivalent and HSC/ “A” level or recognized equivalents in science group and obtain a minimum GPA 3.0 (in scale of 5) without any additional subject.

3. Candidate must pass HSC/”A” level or recognized equivalent examination with a minimum GPA 3.0 in Chemistry and Biology separately and a minimum GPA 2.0 in Mathematics (in scale of 5).

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biochemistry Biotechnology

Students having GPA 2.5 in SSC & HSC individually in science or two A- levels with C grade or equivalent with Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics may apply for admission into the BSc(Hons) course in Biochemistry and Biotechnology. Selection process comprises of a written test and a viva –voice. Written test is based on HSC level Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English and General Knowledge. Foreign student are to submit application direct at the office of the founder Vice Chancellor, USTC. Admission forms and relevant paper are available from Bangladesh Mission abroad. Local application may obtain forms from authorized banks in Dhaka and Chittagong.

B.Sc. Engg. in CSE/EEE/ETE

Students having minimum GPA-2.5 in average of S.S.C and H.S.C. (with Math & Physics) or equivalent may apply for admission into the B.Sc. Engg. Course in Computer Science & Engineering/ B.Sc. Engg. Course in Electrical and Electronic Engineering/ B.Sc. Engg. Course in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering . The selection process comprises of a written test that will be based on Higher Secondary level Physics (30 Marks), Mathematics (30 Marks), English (20 Marks) and viva-voce (20 Marks).

B.Sc. Engg. in CSE/EEE(Evening)

Requirements are GPA-2.5/2nd Division in separately in S.S.C & Diploma in Engg. exams or equivalent in any of the following subjects: Electrical, Electronics, Computer, Mechanical, Power, Automobile, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engg., Biomedical, Mechatronics.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

As per UGC rules

Bachelor of Arts (Hons)in English Language & Literature

The minimum qualifications for admission to this under graduate programme are:
a) GPA of minimum 2.50 in both Secondary level and Higher Secondary level or equivalent examinations.
b) A level with GPA of minimum 2.50 and O level with GPA of minimum 2.5 in three subjects according to the following scale: (A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2 & E=1).
c) USA high school diplomas or equivalent.

University of Science & Technology Chittagong (USTC) Course Fee/Cost

Under Graduate Programs

B.Sc. in CSE/EEE/ETETk 4,60,500/-
B.Sc. in CSE/EEE (Evening)Tk 2,60,500/-
Bachelor of PharmacyTk 5,26,000/-
B.Sc. in Biochemistry & BiotechnologyTk 282,500/-
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)Tk 2,95,000/-
B.A. (Hons)in English Language & LiteratureTk 1,62,500/-

Post Graduate Programs

Master of PharmacyTk 1,30,000/-
Masters of Business Administration(MBA) for BBA GraduatesTk 98,500/-
Masters of Business Administration(MBA) for USTC BBA GraduatesTk 80,000/-
Masters of Business Administration(MBA) for Any GraduatesTk 1,09,000/-
Masters of Business Administration(MBA) for Executive & EngineersTk 84,500/-
Engineers with IEB membership would enjoy a waiver on tuition fees and pay Total Package of TK 50,000/-.
MBMTk 84,500/-
Master of Arts in English Language & LiteratureTk 43,500/-
Master of Science in BiotechnologyTk 1,05,000/-

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