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Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) established in 1993 is the leading private university in Bangladesh with an explicit focus on Research and Global partnerships. We are a full service, meritocratically elite university with a current enrollment of 7,378 students, 11,556 alumni and 401 faculty members (of which 38% have Ph.D.’s mostly from North America).

IUB Campus

The IUB campus sprawling over 3 acres, has an amphitheater, the state-of-the-art laboratories, well-equipped library with online access to journals and books, above 70 classrooms, lecture galleries, auditorium, gymnasium, food court, playground, medical Center, counseling Center and an alumni office. IUB also has dormitory facilities for female students from outside Dhaka and foreign students and a guest-house for visiting scholars.

The faculty members of IUB are actively engaged in research and publish regularly in peer-reviewed journals. Along with conventional classroom based teaching, students are engaged in research relatively early in their studies. IUB has academic research collaborations with various universities including Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Colorado at Boulder, Brown University, McMaster University, University of Heidelberg, University of South Alabama, Southern Illinois University, University of Vermont, University of Minnesota, Aga Khan University, Institute of Psychiatry in Pakistan, Public Health Foundation of India, Institute for Research and Development, Sri Lanka.

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