Taylor's University Appoints Dr Jon Whitmore as Acting Vice Chancellor and President

Taylor’s University Appoints Dr Jon Whitmore as Acting Vice Chancellor and President

Appointment Reaffirms University’s Long-Standing Heritage of Excellence and Leadership in Education
Taylor’s University has appointed Dr Jon Whitmore as its Acting Vice Chancellor and President following Emeritus Professor Dato’ Dr Hassan Said’s appointment as Vice Chancellor of UiTM. Dr Whitmore brings a wealth of knowledge with an illustrious career in education which spans over 36 years and includes being President to two American universities. The appointment is temporary until such time that a permanent Vice Chancellor is appointed through Taylor’s University’s meticulous process of selection.
“We are very happy to welcome Dr Jon Whitmore to Taylor’s University. His passion to unlock potential through education is an excellent match to the university’s aspiration of grooming future-ready graduates. With impressive credentials in leading various prominent institutions of higher education, Dr Whitmore brings much value to the table, and we look forward to working with him,” said Dato’ Loy Teik Ngan Group CEO of Taylor’s Education Group.
The university remains confident in upholding its long-standing heritage of excellence and leadership in education with the appointment of Dr Whitmore as acting Vice Chancellor and President.
A firm believer in the value of education, Dr Whitmore has dedicated his life to helping others achieve educational success. Throughout his career, Dr Whitmore’s leadership and vision has benefitted six universities namely, West Virginia University, State University of New York at Buffalo (1985 – 1990), The University of Texas at Austin (1990 – 1996), the University of Iowa (1996 – 2003) where he served as Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs. Dr Whitmore also served as President of two major public research universities, Texas Tech University (2003 to 2008), and San Jose State University (August 2008-September 2010).
“Personally, I have dedicated my life to education, specifically higher education. I am a first-generation college graduate who knows the power and value of learning because it opened doors for me that were not available to my parents. It is a privilege to be a part of Taylor’s University which allows me to continue sharing my insights on empowering the future generation through quality education,” said Dr Whitmore.
Dr Whitmore is also a former CEO of ACT Inc., a US-based non-profit assessment organisation which develops strategic approaches to support working learners in their journeys toward successful careers and lives. He is also actively involved with various community, civic, and educational boards.
Dr Whitmore earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Speech from Washington State University, and a PhD in Theatre History from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He has authored two books (Directing Postmodern Theatre: Shaping Signification in Performance and William Saroyan: A Research and Production Sourcebook), written more than 160 scholarly articles, and directed more than 60 plays in the United Sates.
Dr Whitmore is also passionate about offering opportunities for staff development, personal learning, and advancement. His leadership in the field is further proven by his membership in various community, civic, and educational boards and organizations in the United States of America.

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