SEGi International Student Scholarship 2016

SEGi International Student Scholarship 2016

SEGi International Student Scholarship 2016 is an award for international undergraduate students. The scholarship is strictly for new students only (not applicable to Malaysians).
International students who enrolls in between February and 30 April 2016 are entitled upto 50% tuition fee waiver.

  • Scholarship holders must maintain a CGPA score of 3.00 to carry forward and maintain ownership throughout their studies.


  • SEGi University & Colleges reserves the right to withdraw the grant and scholarship scheme from students who do not follow the terms and conditions. Students who are removed from this scheme will adhere to the normal fees scheme.
  • Students who fail to achieve the required actual results after having been awarded a scholarship based on forecast results will have their scholarship withdrawn.
  • Scholarship applicants are not allowed to transfer from one programme to another.
  • Each student is only entitled to this scholarship ONCE.
  • SEGi reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the scheme for future intakes without prior notice.
  • Scholarships are limited to course fees only.
  • Other fees including exam and registration fees, living and travel expenses shall be borne by the scholarship holder.
  • Scholarships are awarded based on merit in the value of 10%, 20% and 50% waiver on the fees applicable by the relevant SEGi University & Colleges only.

Any field that is offered at SEGi University and Colleges with the exception of Health Sciences and Postgraduates programmes.

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