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There exist many different types of scholarship in the Czech Republic. To increase your chance to succeed we recommend you to have a look at all of them.

Scholarship awards under bilateral international agreements

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic annually offers scholarships to foreign nationals, pursuant to bilateral intergovernmental or deparmental agreements concluded with a number of countries. Scholarships of this type are designed for university students or graduates and PhD candidates who wish to accomplish a study or research stay at one of the Czech public institutions of higher education. Its length usually ranges from 2 to 10 months.  Click here for terms and conditions, application forms and procedure and practical details.

Government scholarships

The Government of the Czech Republic offers a number of scholarships within the framework of its Foreign Development Assistance Programme in support of the study of foreign nationals from developing countries at public institutions of higher education in the Czech Republic. These so called Government scholarships are designed to cover the standard length of study in the Bachelor/Master study programmes plus one-year preparatory course of the Czech language or in follow-up Master study programmes or Doctoral study programmes. Click here for more details.

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