7th Social Business Day 2017, at Dhaka (৭ম সামাজিক ব্যবসা দিবস,২০১৭)



         Grameen Bank Bhaban
         16th Floor
         Mirpur 2, Dhaka 1216

  • 28-29 JULY, 2017
We invite you to register for the 7th Social Business Day, to be held July 28-29, 2017 in Dhaka Bangladesh, hosted by Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus. Social Business Day is an annual conference organized by the Yunus Centre to celebrate the groundbreaking idea of social business and to highlight new developments.
Social Business Day showcases the concept of social business with leading experts in the field. The annual event attracts the participation of international and local actors, corporate and social leaders, NGOs, students, and innovators, and connects them with the social business network. It also creates an opportunity for participants to engage in different interactive plenary sessions and workshops to broaden their understanding in specific areas of interest.
This year, our theme will be “Can Wealth Concentration Be Stopped?”
Wealth concentration has been an ongoing global process over the last few decades, resulting in an ever-increasing wealth gap. A report conducted by Oxfam shows that in 2016, the world’s eight richest billionaires hold the combined wealth of that of the bottom half of the world’s population. This is a growing concern. Wealth concentration not only leads to lower economic freedom for the poor, putting them in a downward spiral but hinders progress in areas of social reform, environmental protection and social welfare programs.
Social business can play an important role in addressing the issue of wealth concentration. Social businesses are non-dividend, financially sustainable businesses with the sole mission of solving a social problem. They can help design an economically viable business-engine to address the wealth-gap.
The focus this year will be on why and how wealth concentration is a threat, and what should be the strategies to tackle this issue at regional, national and global levels.
In addition, the event will host several exciting plenary and interactive breakout sessions. One of the sessions will follow up on 2015’s vision of ‘Three Zeros- Zero poverty, Zero unemployment and Zero net carbon emission’ presented by Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus.
We will also introduce a new feature this year, the organization of Country Forums for each country where more than 20 delegates are participating. The Forum will exclusively discuss the potential for social business programs of each participating country. The discussions will be in the language native to each country, headed by practitioners from different countries including their own.
This year we aim to make Social Business Day bigger and better. We will inaugurate the newly established Social Business Convention Centre (SBCC) in Zirabo, Savar, Dhaka, which will be the new home of Social Business Day.
There will also be a meeting of the Social Business Academia Network on July 30, 2017, in order to prepare for our Social Business Academia Conference 2017 in Paris which will take place in November.
On Social Business Day in 2015, there were about 1600 participants from over 30 countries.  We are expecting about 2000 participants this year as many more countries have joined the global network of social business.

To register for participation at SBD 2017, please go to the following link:

We look forward you to join us on this special occasion.


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