EMBA Programs in Bangladesh

EMBA Courses and Fees

North South University
The total cost of the program ranges from Taka 2,65,000 to Taka 3,69,000, depending on the standing of the student at the time of admission.  All fees are subject to change.  Please check with the EMBA Program Office for the most recent fee structure.

Cost/Fee Structure Amount

Tuition Fee per credit                             Tk. 6,500

Student Activity Fee per semester         Tk. 3,000

Computer Lab Fee per semester            Tk. 2,500

Library Fee per semester                       Tk. 1000

Please note that all students must pay a non-refundable, one time only admission fee of Tk. 20,000.

North South University recognizes the need for supporting meritorious and needy students.  The support is provided through SCHOLARSHIP/FINANCIAL AID.  Continuation of financial aid or assistantship is subject to satisfactory academic performance. Please check with the EMBA Programs Office for details.

East-West Universities

Name of Programs






Fees Lab & Activities Fees


Admission Fee


Grand Total

Independent University

Tuition Fees for Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)
Application Form Tk. 1000
Admission fee Tk. 25,000
Activity Fee Tk. 6,000 (Existing students)
7,000/semester (For Autumn’17 students and onwards)
Tuition Fees @ Credit Tk. 6,000 (Existing students)
7,000 (For Autumn’17 students and onwards)
*All new female students will get 10% discount on Tuition Fees per credit hour for the graduate program (For Autumn’17 students and onwards).

Jagannath University

General Fees and other Charges
Break up of Fees and Charges
SL Head Rate (BDT.)**
1. Registration Fee Tk. 10,000 (at the time of admission)
2. Semester Fee Tk. 3,000 (each semester except semester of
Project paper/Master paper)
3. Course fee/ Master Paper
(total 63 credit points)
Tk. 2,000 per credit point
4. Retake Tk. 2,000 per credit point
5. Make-up mid-term fee Tk. 1,000 per course
6. Viva-voce fee Tk. 1,000
7. Admission Form Tk. 750
8. Late Registration fees for courses Tk. 1000

Green University



All first division up to Masters

BDT 98,800

At least three first division 

BDT 104,200

At least two first division

BDT 115,000

At least one first division

BDT 120,400

Presidency University

GPA/CGPA or Division In
All Academic Examinations

EMBA – Evening Program (45 Credits) – 5 Semesters

EMBA – Weekend Program (45 Credits) – 4 Semesters

Three 1st
Class/SSC-3.50 &
HSC-3.50 &

BDT 82800 (Evening)

BDT 77500 (Weekend)

Two 1st Class/SSC3.25
& HSC 3.25 &

BDT 94050 (Evening)

BDT 88750(Weekend)

One 1st Class/SSC3.00
& HSC 3.00 &

BDT 105300

BDT 100000 (Weekend)

Three 2nd
Class/SSC-2.50 &
HSC 2.50 &

BDT 127800 (Evening)

BDT 122500 (Weekend)

Total Cost
Without Waiver

BDT 150300 (Evening)

BDT 145000 (Weekend)

University of Asia Pacific


Particulars Regular Fees
Course Fee (6000×14) = 84,000/-
Caution Money 2000/-
Certificate Verification & ID Card 500/-
Admission Fee 8,000/-
Admission form 400/-
Registration Fee 1,000×4 = 4,000/-
Grant Total 98,900/-

ASA University

Master of Business Administration(MBA)(Executive)

Admission Fee


Computer Lab fee


Library fee


Tuition fee (per credit)


Semester fee (Per Semester)


Extra Curricular Activities fee(Per Semester)


Internship Fee


Total(TK in (BDT))

Depends on Credit Requirement

Comilla University

Comilla University is a public university.
Being a unit of a public university, Faculty of
Business Studies, Comilla University has
designed a very competitive fee structure. The
fees are lower than those of standard private
universities and commensurate with the image
of the Comilla University. Each student will
pay semester enrolment fee of Tk. 2,000,
the registration fee of Tk. 10,000 (one time) Lab
Development fee 5,000 (one time) and Tk.
2,250 for each credit.
Depending upon waiver of courses, the total
cost varies from Tk. 1,46,500 to Tk. 1,73,500
to complete the MBA (Evening) Program.

South East University

EMBA(Evening/Friday) !6 month 

Total Credits Required


Tuition Fee per Credit

BDT 4000

Total Tuition Fee

BDT 192000

Student Activity Fee (one time)

BDT 2000

Other Charges (one time)

BDT 2000

Approximate Total  Cost

BDT 196000

Britannia University (Comilla) 

Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA, 16 Months)

Total Credit Hours: 45 Credit

Total Cost (BDT)  :  1,03,500

The Millenium University

Major Areas EMBA
Finance, Marketing and HRM.

Duration EMBA
16 Months (4 semesters including internship)
Programme structure.

Courses EMBA                                             Credit
Foundation & Concentration Courses: 45 credit hours
Internship & Reporting                         : 03 credit hours
Total credits: 48 credit hours

Fee Structure MBA/EMBA :

  • Admission fee: Tk. 15,000/- (Once at the time of admission for each student).
  • Tuition fee: Tk. 5,000/- per month.
  • Semester Exam fee : Tk. 2,000/- per semester.
  • Yearly Miscellaneous fee: Tk. 2,000/- per year.
  • Discount available.

Premier University

Master of Business Administration (Executive)

Total Credit: 48

Admission  (One time only) Fee: BDT 15,000.00

Tuition Fee (Per Credit): BDT 2,000.00

 1st semester (admission + semester +exam) Fee: BDT 49,500.00

Exam Fee (Per Credit): BDT 300.00

 Total  Fee: BDT 1,24,500.00

Central Women’s University


Credit Hours: 48

Total Fees ( Taka): 1,92,000/-


Bangladesh University of Business and Technology  

 14 courses and an internship project

Total requirement of 45 credits

Total cost for EMBA program: Tk. 1,31,100/- for Spring semester 2018

Victoria University Of Bangladesh

Program Name: EMBA

 Total Semester: 4

Total Credit Hours: 42

Admission Fee (Excluding Tuition Fee); 14995

Registration fee for Each Semester: 2000

Per Credit Fee: 2800

Library Fee: BDT 200

Total Fee (Excluding Admission Fee): BDT 126400

International Islamic University Chittagong

Master Programs: MBA for Executives

Credit Hour: 52

Admission Fees: Tk.25000/-

Semester/ Trimester Fees: TK.5,500 x 4 = TK.22,000/-

Tuition Fees (C.H Basis) & other charges: 1400 x 52 CH = 72,800/- Library Fee = 2,500/-

Total Cost: TK.1,34,500/-

 First Installment: Tk.55,000/-

IBAIS University

MBA (Executive)

Admission Fee: BDT10,000

Tuition Fee Per credit: BDT1,970

Total Number of Credits: 48

Fees Payable at the time of admission: BDT17,000

 Approximate Monthly Installment: BDT5,910

Total Fees: BDT1,11,560

Fareast International University (FIU)


Fee & Form: BDT12,500

Semester Fee
(Per Semester): BDT4,000

Tuition Fee
(Per Credit): BDT2,600

Credits: 48

Total Fees: BDT1,53,300

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