Opportunities in Travel Sectors

Opportunities in Travel Sectors

Opportunities in Travel Sector

Bangladesh is rich in culture and heritage. So, tourism contributes the most to the Bangladesh economy. The travel and tourism industry is growing tremendously and will continue so in the coming years. In Bangladesh, the travel industry hopes to create unlimited job opportunities by 2025 and our government is also taking various initiatives to improve the structure and promote tourism efficiently. These sectors include the government tourism departments; Immigration and customs services, airlines, & small-scale private travel agents. Some of the important factors in this field are good communication skills, English proficiency, understanding the customer’s needs and last but not the least is an experience.
Travel and tourism is the largest earner of foreign exchange across the world and employs a large number of people directly or indirectly through corresponding service industries. The major career options in travel and tourism sector are:

  • Tourism manager
  • Travel officer
  • Travel agency coordinator
  • Travel counselor
  • Airlines’ staff
  • Tourist Guide
  • Transport officer

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