Opportunities in Academics Area of Marketing

Prospects & Unlimited Opportunities in Academics Area of Marketing. It’s not only given us force for life, same time given us pathway of career with lots of ways. Currently its one of core intersting subject in local & private University at Bangladesh.


#We can analysis marketing secret


The process of promoting an idea into the marketplace through media placement. See advertising for more information.

Community Involvement

Good for morale within the company and showing a caring side to the local community, community involvement consists of working with the local community. This could be through sponsoring local events, being part of local associations, chairing meetings, or volunteering in schools or local youth centers. It could also involve reaching the local community in an online arena.

Customer Service

Part of the desired relationship and image the consumer has to a company or product. Customer service is important from start to finish.

Direct Marketing

Is a form of advertising which delivers its message to consumers through forms such as fliers, leaflets, catalogs and street promotion.


Part of the management chain of sending one product from storage to the retail outlet.

Market Research

Generally specializing in quantitative or qualitative research a market researcher collects and analyses information which is used by companies to make informed decisions about their product or person. You will guide your decisions by getting data and information from the market, potential customers and competitors to inform your marketing strategy.
More Points

  • Media Planning
  • Public Relations
  • Product Pricing
  • Sales
  • Communication Increase

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